Executive Training Center offers the following, tailor made, scenario based courses and training for companies, and organizations.

Conflict management training

The aim of the Conflict management training is to provide knowledge of conflict management specifically for those working in customer service, the security industry and the service sector in general.

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During the training participants will learn:

How to use communication technics in different conflict situations.
The factors that influence human response in a conflict situation.
How to assess and reduce risks of conflict.
How communication skills can be used to reduce risks in emotive situations.
What to do in the post-incident situation. Please click here for more details of our Conflict Management training.

“Urban Survival” komplex security awareness training

The traning touches the subject of personal security and cybersecurity as well.

The personal security module provides guidances and advices regarding the security risks of the everyday life, the work environment and travelling. It teaches you how to prepare for and take the necessary steps to avoid and handle critical situations.

The cybersecurity module provides guidances and avices regading the security threats of the digital world. It teaches you how to protect your personal data against cybercriminals.

Travel Security Training

The growing international terror threat and the high crime rate of certain countries make it reasonable for the passenger to be prepared before travelling anywhere. It is advisable to be informed of the current security situation, and prepare against the most common crimes of the destination.

Our tailor-made travel security training provides information of the security situation of certain countries, and the most common modus operandi of criminals and terrorists. It also teaches you how to increase your personal safety and security by preparing for, trying to avoid, and learning how to handle critical situations, during a business trip or holiday.

English language course for security

12176064_10208095912779222_946822808_oThe aim of the English language training for security is to provide professional language skills for those working in the private security industry, that helps to understand, use, and apply the most common words, phrases, applied technical equipment and most common situations that occur in the work environment.

It is recommended for those working in the field of security in an environment where professional English language skills required, and for those who are seeking employment within this field in English speaking countries.

Please click here for the details of the English language course for security.

Security training

We offer tailor made training solutions for security groups of security companies or businesses that employ security guards. Make your security staff up to date on international trends and standards and both mentally and physically fit to perform their duty.


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